Who are we?

Falex Banq:We make your life easier

Falex Banq is an insurance comparator (car, motorcycle, home, borrower and mutual health insurance), but also consumer credit, real estate loan, bank, credit redemption.

Our site is 100% independent and impartial. We have no capital ties with the companies on our panel.

With Falex Banq, easily compare the offers of our partners to find the product that suits you and without unpleasant surprises: the prices displayed include all costs.

Finally, your privacy is of utmost concern to us.

So don’t wait any longer, you can save on your car insurance.

Falex Banq the insurance comparator for Internet users

The insurance market is very complex with a multitude of players: insurance companies, brokers, mutuals, etc. Moreover, it is difficult to compare insurance contracts in all their aspects: guarantees, deductibles, prices, services.

The mission of the Falex Banq website is to provide guidance and greater transparency and simplicity in the rapid access to credit and insurance.

It allows you to easily compare rates, coverages, deductibles and services of the major car, health, motorcycle, home and credit insurers.

Gimes Bank will help you find the insurance that best suits your needs at the best rate among those offered by our partners.

Falex Banq offers you the opportunity to save an average of $406 with the same coverage!

With Falex Banq, you can now compare more than just your insurance. Also compare credit offers

Consumer credits

Not always easy to choose the credit which is appropriate to you among the many offers of the banks and credit organizations, and the various types of loans available (Car loan, Motorcycle loan, Personal loan, Revolving loan, Work loan).

Falex Banq allows you to compare the total cost of credit, the interest rate (APR), and the monthly credit payments of a number of partners, and thus find the cheapest offer that meets your needs.

Our independence

Falex Banq is a subsidiary of the Falex Banq group, a French brokerage company present worldwide. The site is not affiliated with any of the companies on its panel, which allows it to be completely independent of the various players.
Falex Banq.com does not favor one partner over another.

Impartiality and transparency

Falex Banq does not introduce any bias in the presentation of the results. The user defines the ranking of the results, and by default the prices are displayed in ascending order. This transparency makes us the only French insurance comparator approved by the FEVAD Comparator Charter, which guarantees the Internet user transparency in the ranking methods used, and complete information on the insurance offers presented to him.

Exhaustiveness of the offers

For each search, Falex Banq.compresents all the answers

from all the insurers we interviewed, without any pre-selection on our part. We cannot interview all the insurance players, but the insurers on our panel are either subsidiaries of large insurance groups or specialized insurance brokers who distribute the offers of these large groups.


Falex Banq makes every effort to make the forms as quick to complete and the results as easy to understand as possible:

Falex Banq only asks the questions necessary to provide the best rates from its partners.
Falex Banq presents all results with the main criteria for comparing insurance, consumer credit and allows you to get the level of detail you want immediately.

Privacy Policy

Falex Banq will treat personal data with the utmost care and will never transfer them to a third party without explicit permission.

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